Thank you to everyone who contributed to our special Memorial Day "cruise for a cause" on 5/30/22.  We received two truck/car loads of items to be distributed to formerly homeless veterans residing at Valley Brook Village (located on the VA NJ healthcare campus in Lyons, NJ).  Residents of this Section 8 housing give up one-third of their income to the owners/operators of the housing units.  After paying for living expenses (phone service, food), little money is left for what we consider incidentals.  Most of these veterans are low income workers and many items are considered luxury items by them.  

Even though 2020 was the year of the pandemic which upset the entire world, our fund raising efforts for the New Jersey Institute for Disabilities (NJID) exceeded our wildest dreams.  Because we begin early in the year, we had quite a few sponsors before we were quarantined.  We spoke to our sponsors about the option of GHC returning their sponsor money, or  donating it to NJID. Every sponsor wished to donate! 

The photos to the right are of the GHC Executive Board Members (and Linden Mayor Derek Armstead) at a lunch meeting with Robert Ferrara, Executive Director of NJID.  We presented Mr. Ferrara with our donations.

Linden resident Mark Mannuzza also presented a donation from his annual Car, Truck, and Bike Show to NJID.

Photos from 2018 Spring Fling

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 Veterans Memorial Day Collection 2022, Visit to Lakeview School, Spring Fling

Photos from December, 2019 visit to the Lakeview School 

The original singer of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" singing along with Holiday Express at the Lakeview School in December, 2019