The Galloping Hill Cruisers Executive Board made their yearly visit to the Lakeview School in December, 2022.   We met with Venus Majeski and Bob Ferrara of NJID and presented them with a generous donation despite all the weather-related problems we faced in 2022.  The Lakeview School has expanded their services on-site,  so only the GHC E-Board visited because classrooms were added and space was limited.  During our meeting with Venus Majeski and Bob Ferrara, the Club also presented a few checks from others who made donations directly to NJID. 

A charity car show (sponsored by the Linden PBA and Mark Mannuzza) also made a donation to NJID. 

Gregory Roser, GHC Club secretary, made a donation from the "Fanwood's Famous Christmas House".

At the end of our 2023 cruise season, we had 728 registered vehicles.

Thanks to everyone who participated at Aviation Plaza this year.  

Hope to see everyone in 2024!

2023 GHC Executive Board

Janet Barkoff, President

Terry Siecinski, Vice-President

Gregory Roser, Secretary

Carol Dietl, Treasurer

Bert Sierant, Membership

Debbie Gethins, Sergeant-at-Arms

Thomas Petrusko, Club Store

A $500 donation was made to NJID at our Halloween show by Fred Corigliano in memory of his brother, Dave.  

Established 1988       *         Member Central NJ Car Club Association |

Any questions about the Galloping Hill Cruisers?

Janet @ 732.585.6948

​Terry @ 973.902.8098

Gregory @ 908.403.6486

Venus Majeski and Bob Ferrara from NJID at our Halloween show on October 9.


In 2022, nine out of 22 shows were cancelled because of the weather.  That's a record number of cancelled Mondays!  We had 657 registered vehicles.  Our last cruise night was rescheduled to a Tuesday so we could get our Halloween festivities in and our first ever championship fan belt toss contest in.  Check out all the new Halloween photos.


A few members who have been on the GHC Executive Board at one time or another since 1988.

The Galloping Hill Cruisers are celebrating their 35th anniversary this year.  We will continue to provide support to the 41 program sites operated by the New Jersey Institute of Disabilities (NJID).  The focus of NJID is teaching and providing care for infants, children, and adults with developmental and related disabilities offering them an opportunity to live meaningful and productive lives.  

To promote our support for NJID, we will be hosting our Monday cruise nights from May 15 to October 23 at Aviation Plaza, Linden, NJ.

We are currently accepting sponsors for 2023.  Sponsorship donations cover the cost of trophies and a donation to NJID at the end of the season.

Please ask any E-Board member for further information.