Our 2019 cruise season began on Monday, May 13 and ran until Monday, October 21, 2019


Aviation Plaza, 653 West Edgar Road, Linden, NJ from 5 - 9 p.m.

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During the year, we had four rain-outs and a few "light" evenings because of weather.

Despite some of the weather issues,

we registered a record-breaking number of vehicles this year:

On October 14 we held our Halloween show.  The weather was absolutely spectacular on that evening.  During previous years we were freezing, but we were actually in shirt-sleeves this year.   See Cruise for a Cause page for photos

This year we hosted two very successful "Cadillac" nights and our first "Corvette" night.

We would like to thank Mayor Derek Armstead and the City Council of Linden, Rebecca Tattoli of the Mayor's office, Milbrook Properties (Aviation Plaza), all the restaurants at Aviation Plaza, all sponsors, participants, spectators, and Galloping Hill Club members who made 2019 a very successful year.  

We will be visiting the Lakeview School in December, 2019 to present them with a donation from our Cruise  for  a  Cause.  Below is a photo from our 12/13/18 visit to the Lakeview School.

More photos of our visit to the Lakeview School on Page 5.

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