Our 2021 cruise nights are officially over.  We registered 883 vehicles this year.

​We'll see you in the Spring of 2022!!

We thank Michael Gelnovatch who brought us through the last difficult year.  It was a tough year being President of GHC but Mike had a lot of terrific ideas and dealt with a lot of political rules and regulations.  Thank you, Mike, for all you've done for us!

Elections for the 2022 Executive Board were held at our October meeting.  No one new was nominated and the current board will stay for next year.

Established 1988       *         Member Central NJ Car Club Association |

Because of all the restrictions in 2020, the Galloping Hill Cruisers did not make their yearly visit to the Lakeview School.  The Executive Board did meet with Bob Ferrara of NJID off-site and presented him with a generous donation despite all the uncertainties we faced in 2020.  All of our sponsors generously contributed their sponsorship money to NJID.  Most of the people who were to attend our cancelled Spring Fling donated their ticket money to NJID.  The Club opted to forego issuing thank you plaques and sponsor books assuring that 100% of the sponsorships went directly to NJID.  During our meeting with Bob Ferrara, the Club also presented a few checks from other car clubs, new sponsors, and people who made donations directly to NJID.  A charity car show in Linden, NJ made a huge donation to NJID.  The family of a previous GHC member donated valuable collectibles that were raffled off and the proceeds went to NJID in her memory.  All the unforeseen circumstances in the year 2020 seemed to make a lot of us think differently and the goodness in so many people came out.  We thank everyone for their continued support.

The GHC 2020 Vice-President, Gregory Roser, donates ALL money he raises with his "Fanwood's Famous Christmas House" to NJID each year.  He raises thousands of dollars for the cause.  Thank you, Greg, for your big heart!!

2021 GHC Executive Board

Janet Barkoff, President

Terry Siecinski, Vice-President

Gregory Roser, Secretary

Carol Dietl, Treasurer

Bert Sierant, Membership

Debbie Gethins, Sergeant-at-Arms

Thomas Petrusko, Club Store

Any questions about the Galloping Hill Cruisers?

Janet @ 732.585.6948

​Terry @ 973.902.8098

Gregory @ 908.403.6486

This is what happened in 2020

We attempted a comeback on Monday, July 13, 2020  and it was successful. It was like "old times" -- meeting with friends -- no trophies -- no registration.  No restroom facilities will be available unless you openly dine at one of the restaurants at Aviation Plaza.    All SOCIAL DISTANCING guidelines from the State of New Jersey will apply on Monday night.  

The Galloping Hill Cruisers release Milbrook Properties, the City of Linden and any and all businesses located in Aviation Plaza from any and all responsibility or liabilities for any injuries, accidents, damage or theft which may occur personally or to vehicles at this event.

We will follow the United States, CDC and applicable State and local guidelines pertaining to COVID-19.  We acknowledge the importance of and agree to wear a face mask, regularly wash our hands, and practice social distancing protocols when out in public, when entering third party facilities.

We fully and voluntarily release Milbrook, the City of Linden and Aviation Plaza from and waive all present and future claims, damages, actions, costs (including attorney's fees), liabilities and expenses of any type for any harm or loss that may result from any exposure to COVID-19 that may occur in connection with attendance at this event, including not not limited to, economic loss, personal injury, disease, illness or death.

​​The Galloping Hill Cruisers at Aviation Plaza (Linden, NJ) held two successful Drive-Thru Non-Contact Food Drive Fundraisers to benefit the City of Linden Food Pantries which are in desperate need of food.  Location:  In front of Pasquale's Pizza - 691 West Edgar Road, Linden, NJ which was open for curbside takeout.  Jersey Mike's was also open. Fifty cars were on display as our friends and family drove through to drop off food.  This was a drive-thru, no-gathering, no-parking, no-socializing event.   Volunteers were on hand to help with food collection.  Cash Donations were welcome, however, food is most important.