The first cruise night of 2018 was a success!  We registered 160+ vehicles, with at least another 100+ who didn't register.  We ask that everyone register their vehicle.  Besides having a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the season, it's good to register for insurance purposes too. 

Vehicle registration as of August 6 is 771

Thanks to our Cadillac friends who braved the heat last night!  There were over 30 beautiful Cadillacs in the lot.

Galloping Hill Cruisers are celebrating 30 years together!

1988 -- 2018

Update for 2018

We will begin our Monday cruise nights on May 7 and continue until October 29, 2018.  We will be at Aviation Plaza, 653 West Edgar Road, Linden, NJ from 5 - 9 each Monday except for Labor Day, September 3.  Our yearly Halloween extravaganza will be on Monday, October 8 (Columbus Day).  We have it a little earlier because quite a few people are off for the Columbus Day Holiday, and in case of rain, we have 2 or 3 more weeks to get the Halloween show in.  Our terrific DJ - Hot Rod Mike - will be there; trophies will be awarded, door prize giveaways too!!   A huge thank you to Mayor Derek Armstead and the Linden City Council for their support.  Thanks also to Applebee's, Chevy's, Dragonfly, Pasquale's Pizza, and Jersey Mike's Subs for their support.

Our Spring Fling dance was held on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at the Union Elks, 281 Chestnut St., Union.  Jersey Jukebox and DJ Hot Rod Mike provided the entertainment which was fabulous!      Photos are included on the Spring Fling page.

Thank you to all who participated in our Monday cruise nights in 2017 

We were apprehensive about changing our venue after being at Galloping Hill for 28 years, but it all worked out for us....thank goodness!!  Thanks to all the sponsors who believed in us; without sponsors, there would be no show. 

In the end, we registered 914 vehicles.    We had four rain-outs and two light nights because of threat of bad weather, so we probably would have registered quite a few more vehicles.  Our best year ever at Galloping Hill was 645, which makes us feel that we certainly made a good move.  Thanks again to everyone.

Our Halloween Show was held Monday, October 16.

Check the "Cruise for a Cause" page to see the Halloween photos

July 10 was an absolutely fabulous cruise night at Aviation Plaza!  Two Cadillac clubs participated in our "Cadillac night"...the Raritan River Region Cadillac/LaSalle Club (NJ) and the Verrazano Cadillac Club (NY).  The parking lot was full with over 300 cars which included 70 Cadillacs.   This was our best night ever.  It is so nice not having to turn cars away; we have so much space.  We can't thank the City of Linden and Mayor Armstead enough! 

We were overwhelmed by the amount of dedicated cruisers who showed up at the first cruise night of 2017 despite the threat of thunderstorms.  There were at least 225 cars in the parking lot (with a lot of room to spare), a good amount of spectators, and 165 registered cars (which is a record for a first night).  A big Thank You to Linden Mayor Derek Armstead, the Linden City Council and Milbrook Properties for their support as well as the kindness from Applebees, Chevys, Dragonfly and Pasquale's Pizzeria.  



Thank you for supporting the Galloping Hill Cruisers and NJID/Lakeview School.  Have a good time and tell your friends about us!

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